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Your Financial Direction

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Your Financial Direction

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A compass is a navigational instrument used to determine direction. The navigator uses the compass to guide him/her towards his/her destination.

 Which direction is your compass pointing towards -

your dreams or your money?

Do your dreams guide you in making financial decisions? Or does the amount of money in your wallet drive your decision making? - Which direction is your compass pointing towards?

For a moment, forget about your money and investments. Assume for a few moments that you have more money than you could ever hope to spend.

Imagine yourself sitting in your favorite chair on the porch of your beach-front property staring out over the bay on a bright-sunny day without a care in the world. Or imagine yourself lying on the grass in the middle of meadow with the mountains in the background, aka Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music. --- What are you dreaming about? What thoughts come to mind that put a smile on your face? What are your passions? What motivates and inspires you? What brings a song to your heart? --- “The hills are alive …” What are you concerned about or afraid of? What holds you back from doing the things necessary to move forward?

The answers to these important questions form the basis of whether or not you will achieve financial success, as you define it. Answering these questions at times may seem daunting, however they should not be left to be answered tomorrow, because … the financial decisions, or indecisions, you make today will greatly affect your tomorrow.

Financial Compass specializes in helping you navigate the sea of financial issues that surround you. We utilize a wide variety of tools at our disposal to determine where you are on the map and help you maintain your course, even in rough waters to Bring Your Future Into View.

At times you may feel as though you need a life raft, as the swells of fear and greed threaten to sink your ship and delay your journey. However using our map, compass, wind gauge and other tools, we will tack our ship and change course as necessary to keep you sailing towards your destination.

We will work with you to help you plot a course, and give you peace of mind, knowing that as you continue on your financial journey your ship’s crew is using your financial compass to guide the ship towards your destination.

Financial Compass’ approach has always been to help our clients plot their financial journey based upon their goals and dreams. You are unique. Your questions and concerns may be similar or the same as your neighbor’s or your friends at the club - but your financial journey will always be different.

We recognize that difference and tailor the answers to your questions, concerns, and needs to you.

Bring Your Future Into View.