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Hourly, As-Needed Advice

Hourly, As-Needed Advice provides people from all walks of life an opportunity to receive quality financial advice - as needed, with no account minimums required. Fees are paid based upon the time the advisor works with you, much like a CPA or an attorney.Recently, Hourly, As-Needed advice has received an increasing amount of publicity for its ability to provide people the advice that they need, whether a complete financial plan or advice a la carte.

Who benefits?

Self-Directed Individuals

Many investors are comfortable carrying out the daily activities of monitoring, trading, and record keeping themselves. The hourly fee arrangement allows them access to professional advice and also permits them to maintain a hands-on approach to their investing.

Self-directed individuals may need professional advice on other areas outside of their investments. 

People who currently have a financial advisor

People who currently have a financial advisor may want a second opinion on their financial affairs. Or they may wish to maintain their current relationship with respect to their investments but may want financial advice on other areas of their financial journey.

Middle-income families, young couples, and individuals

Middle-income families, young couples, and individuals are often turned away from traditional wealth management firms because they do not meet the account and net worth minimums imposed.

Financial Compass believes that everyone, no matter what their background, deserves sound financial advice.

Because we work solely for our clients on a Fee-Only basis, there are no third-party agendas to cloud our thinking. We maintain one focus, one mission: Empowering our clients with the information and advice they need to make sound financial decisions. Our services are available in person or by phone. We are available to our clients for quick questions and longer projects. Whatever is needed!

Bring Your Future Into View. 

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